Software Procurement Training Services

Software Strategic Sourcing Training
The marketplace for software is dynamic, complex, and challenging. While software and technology will continue to improve the way companies do business, the costs of acquiring and implementing that software can spiral out of control.

Source One and the team behind the Strategic Sourcing Book can help.

Since 1992, our IT Procurement experts have helped companies navigate the software marketplace and make the best decisions about pricing, terms, and conditions to control costs and optimize value. Backed by extensive market intelligence, our software procurement experts can train your procurement and sourcing organization on everything from the basics of software acquisition to complex topics such as hosting and cloud services.

Our Software Procurement Training Services can be customized to cover a variety of topics of interest to buyers of software:

The Software Industry

  • How the software industry is broken down into systems, programming and tools, applications, and databases
  • The different software categories and examples of Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) software
  • The associated maintenance and support of COTS products to include Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • A deep dive into Cloud Computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) licenses, how these technologies enable flexible infrastructure services, and how they compare to traditional software agreements.

Understanding the sourcing implications of Software Sales & Pricing

  • The contractual facets of the publisher’s sales process, distribution methods (e.g. use of resellers), salesperson compensation models, etc.
  • The strategies used by the software publisher and reseller in pricing a deal and offering value added services
  • The different types of sales strategies used by resellers to include inside sales and direct sales teams
  • Key factors in software pricing including the duration of the license, the permitted use, and the hosting alternative chosen (on-premises v. off-premises)
  • Software pricing discounts based on volume and benchmark pricing tools and methods

Software Contracting Best Practices

  • The contract structure and key contract clauses of software license agreements, including software warranties
  • Best contracting practices for engaging a third party systems integrator to implement, configure or integrate enterprise software
  • How to look at the current and future Requirements/Fit of the Software, the Terms and Conditions, and the Price of the Acquisition, all under the umbrella of Total Cost of Ownership (or TCO).

Trust Source One’s decades of experience in software procurement to help your organization enhance its software purchasing power. Contact Source One’s Software Procurement Trainers and the Strategic Sourcing Book team today.