Marketing Sourcing Training

Marketing Category Management Training

Procurement & Sourcing Groups are often unable to make headway within the Marketing Spend Category. Without speaking the same language and achieving alignment on corporate goals and objectives, Marketing and Procurement often butt heads and seemingly just get in each other’s way. It doesn’t have to be this way, and Source One’s Strategic Sourcing Book team can help.

Best-in-class companies and brand leaders trust Source One’s marketing strategic sourcing experts to bridge the gap between their Marketing stakeholders and Procurement organizations – optimizing budgets, increasing the value that marketing agencies deliver, and enhancing the company’s market performance. When companies hire Source One’s strategic sourcing team to help manage their Marketing Spend, our team of Category experts can handle the agency review and strategic sourcing processes end-to-end, defining requirements, identifying providers, administering RFPs, overseeing pitch presentations, and developing best-in-class agreements.

Let Source One’s marketing category experience and knowledge be your resource.

Backed by decades of experience in both marketing and strategic sourcing, our Marketing Procurement experts provide training to help your Sourcing professionals to understand how Marketing groups function and customize their sourcing solutions based on Marketing’s objectives. Your company’s Sourcing professionals will learn how to position themselves in a way that will engage their Marketing counterparts and allow for effective discussions on collaboration opportunities – and ultimately how to approach Marketing Category Management.

Choose from a variety of Marketing-focused procurement topic areas, or let the Strategic Sourcing Book customize a Marketing Sourcing training program fit to your procurement requirements:

Fundamentals of Marketing: Getting Started

Overview of the Marketing Spend Category

  • What is Marketing?
  • Understanding a Marketing group’s goals and objectives
  • General Marketing Terminology (e.g., agency of record, pitch process, etc.)
  • How is a Marketing Department typically structured?

Marketing’s Supplier Network and Budget Allocation

  • What products/services does Marketing purchase on a regular basis?
  • Outline key spend categories managed by Marketing (market research, agency services, print materials, etc.)
  • What categories can be sourced?
  • Define strategic versus tactical spend areas
  • How does Marketing determine the right suppliers to support product/brand campaigns?

Building Relationships with Marketing Groups/Brand Teams and Agencies

Marketing’s Perspective on Strategic Sourcing

  • Why is Marketing hesitant to work with Sourcing?
  • How can Sourcing change its image?

Strategic Sourcing’s Value to Marketing

  • Benchmarking (e.g., negotiations)
  • Decision Support (e.g., agency search)
  • Contracting (e.g., statement of work development)
  • Spend Analysis
  • Building Relationships with Agencies

Sample Marketing Strategic Sourcing Project: Agency Review

  • Project Initiation
  • Data Collection
  • Roles/Responsibilities
  • Agency Selection Criteria
  • Scope of Work and Timeline
  • Market Research/Agency Identification
  • RFI/RFP Development and Execution
  • Proposal Evaluation
  • Pitch Presentations
  • Agency Selection and Onboarding

Marketing Strategic Sourcing Best Practices

  • Clear Communications
  • Set Realistic Timelines
  • Establish Transparency
  • Senior Involvement
  • Defining Evaluation Criteria and Performance Measurement

Strategic Sourcing in Action

  • Creative Agency Search Case Study
  • Digital Agency Search Case Study
  • Public Relations Agency Search Case Study
  • Key Considerations by Spend Category

Special Marketing Procurement Topics

Want to learn more? Contact the Strategic Sourcing Book’s Marketing Category Management Training experts today to get started.