Procurement and Sourcing Training Services from the Strategic Sourcing Book Team

Procurement, Supply Chain, and Strategic Sourcing Training Services

The authors of the Procurement book Managing Indirect Spend and their network of partners and noted procurement and strategic sourcing industry leaders have a vast pedigree of experience as buyers, sourcing managers, category managers, executives, and consultants for best-in-class companies across all industries. Armed with this experience, our team can develop and deliver stock and customized training courses for your organization – online and/or delivered to your location.

Why use the Strategic Sourcing Book team instead of a training agency?

  • Our procurement and sourcing experts have done the work.
  • We have real-world sourcing and procurement transformation case studies.
  • We can customize the training specifically for your procurement and sourcing requirements and audience.
  • We can provide a better Q&A and interactive experience.

Below are a few specific areas and niche topics in strategic sourcing and procurement for which we can provide customized training.

Compliance Tracking and Savings Reporting

Category Management

Strategic Sourcing

Marketing Procurement Internally

Understanding the Marketing Category

With extensive expertise in both marketing and strategic sourcing, the Strategic Sourcing Book team’s Marketing experts provide training to help your procurement professionals to understand how the Marketing category stakeholders operate, and how to customize their sourcing approach to meet the Marketing group’s objectives. Your Strategic Sourcing professionals will learn how to frame their procurement work in the best way that will elicit collaboration with their Marketing counterparts.

Marketing Spend Category Management Training from the Strategic Sourcing Book Team.

IT Enterprise Software Acquisition Training

Understanding the IT landscape of software systems, programming and tools, applications, and databases is a challenge for sourcing professionals who don’t have formal backgrounds in Information Technology.  As such, your procurement organization may struggle to understand all the industry jargon, the positions of software publishers and/or resellers, the implications of various terms in End User License Agreements (EULAs), and all the cost drivers and considerations for significant IT investments.

Through customized training sessions, Source One’s IT procurement experts can equip your personnel with the knowledge and forum to develop these foundational skills.

Software Procurement Training Service from the Strategic Sourcing Book team.

Contact our procurement and sourcing industry veterans and experts to find our how the experience behind the Strategic Sourcing Book can be your ultimate resource.