About the Authors

Joe Payne, Strategic Sourcing Author
Joe Payne
As Vice President of Professional Services for Source One Management Services, Joe works with mid-market and Fortune 1000 companies to reduce procurement costs utilizing a set of strategic sourcing processes that he has perfected over time. Joe manages and leads a team of consultants including project managers and analysts who oversee projects from start to finish, including analyzing spend, researching process changes, interviewing suppliers, planning, executing, and finalizing negotiation of new contracts, implementing changes and monitoring new client/supplier relationships. Joe is personally...Read More

William Dorn, Strategic Sourcing Author
William R. Dorn Jr.
As Vice President of Operations for Source One Management Services, William manages the organization's daily activities including the H.R., I.T., R&D, and Finance departments. Additionally, he leads the sourcing initiatives of highly technical spend categories. William created and manages the development of WhyAbe.com, the world's only free electronic sourcing tools website. He also is the developer, administrator and frequent contributor to the "Strategic Sourceror" blog. William has been a guest speaker and presenter at various international trade events and conferences. William...Read More

The Contributors:

David Pastore
As Director at Source One Management Services, David leverages his experience in the marketplace to help his clients stay at the forefront of technological evolution, maintain clean and optimized networks, and negotiate contracts that save the client money while maximizing their agility in a today's dynamic business environment. David consults with clients in a variety of industries to identify their unique requirements and develop a strategic plan. Supported by his team of analysts, his projects are undertaken with a holistic perspective...Read More

Kathleen Jordan (Daly)
As an Associate Director for Source One Management Services, Kathleen works closely with internal resources to execute sourcing strategies and identify process improvements and cost reduction opportunities in various spend categories. Kathleen's main responsibilities are the development and implementation of Best-In-Class agreements for Source One clients through extensive research, detailed spend analysis, supplier negotiations, and change management. Her sourcing efforts have delivered savings in several categories, particularly marketing services, office supplies, and facilities management services. Kathleen holds a Bachelor's of Science...Read More

Jennifer Ulrich
As an Associate Director at Source One Management Services, Jennifer collaborates with internal resources, suppliers and customers to streamline operations, reduce costs and create value. Jennifer has delivered significant hard dollar savings in multiple categories including janitorial services, office supplies, courier services and MRO. Jennifer dedicates her time to nurturing supplier & end-user relationships, working on strategic sourcing projects and ensuring success of those projects through the proper implementation processes. Jennifer is a regular contributor to the "Strategic Sourceror" blog...Read More

The Source One Team
The Source One team of Strategic Sourcing Analysts, Category experts, and procurement consultants were a significant driving force in the success of this book, and their collective knowledge and skill fuel Source One's procurement and strategic sourcing services business. Our procurement and strategic sourcing teams are optimized for success; they work in the same small groups for multiple projects so there is no learning curve or group dynamics to overcome, and each person becomes adept at conducting all activities of...Read More